Which Wine Should You Buy Your Friend?

Still searching for that perfect gift for that perfect friend of yours? Don’t worry! 3 P’s in a Vine has you covered! Take our quiz below to find out which personality your friend has and which one of our wines will be perfect for them! Just pick the answer to each question that best describes your friend and follow the arrows. Scroll down for descriptions of each result.


  •   The Giver: This is someone who is always giving their time to others. Anything that is happening in their life, will be immediately dropped as soon as you call them in need with something. Sweet P is the perfect gift for that incredibly sweet friend that will always be there for you. With a refreshing and wonderful taste, and a hint of sweetness, be the best gift-giver this holiday season by wrapping up a bottle of Sweet P for that giving friend.

  • The Natural Born Leader: For that friend that is the leader of your friend group, even though no one necessarily voted them as one, will be happy with our Queen P. This friend is the one to lead your friends and you on new adventures. They introduce you to new ideas, foods, cultures, philosophies, and activities. They will always be the first one to stand up for you because their friends mean so much to them. Our Queen P is a sweet red blend that has lush berry flavors with a soft finish. Even leaders need a break, and the Queen P is the perfect chance for them to finally relax.

  • The Mentor: This is that friend that is incredibly smart and inspiring. Someone that you admire and look up to for guidance. Just by hanging around them, you feel like a better person. They challenge you in life and push you to be the best version of yourself. You are constantly learning from them and trust that they will guide you in the right direction. For that friend that you look up to, the Tempranillo Reserve will bring a smile to their face this holiday season. This is our premier wine that has been aged to perfection with a blast of bold flavors.

  • The Loyal friend: Thank heavens for this loyal friend! The both of you have been through up and downs, through thick and thins, but y’all have remained the closest of friends. You can always rely on them for answering your calls in the middle of the night just to have a gossip session. Cabernet Franc is the perfect gift to give to this friend this holiday season because it never disappoints. It will always come through for those who need it. With warm aromas of bing cherry and cranberry, mixed spices of nutmeg, caramel, and sweet vanilla, this wine will be perfect for your most loyal friend.

  • The Work Friend:  We all know someone that is just a friend within a work setting. There is nothing to be ashamed for having a friend like this. They make your work life 10x easier. They can get you through even the hardest of days. Although you might not be as personally close with this friend, they do mean a lot to you. The best way to show how much they care to you is by gifting them our Tempranillo wine. Just like this friend, the Tempranillo is bold with hints of berries and earthy tones, which makes it just right for that all-business friend.

  • The Brutally Honest Friend: Sometimes we need to hear the truth, however harsh it might be. The blunt friend is the person you go to with rocky relationship issues or if you have a big decision to make regarding your life. You can always rely on them to be straight with you in any situation! They will not beat around the bush when giving you the hard news but instead will cut straight to the point. This is just like our Blanc du Bois wine with it’s fresh and floral aromas. This is a clean cut wine that is in need of a straightforward person.

  • The Down for Anything Friend: We all have that one friend that is down literally for any idea that you have. Whether the idea is good, bad, crazy, it doesn’t matter, they will be the first one to respond to you with, “let’s do it!”. Our Chardonnay is the most versatile wine that we offer. It goes with anything and everything! It is fresh and a well-balanced wine that is lightly oaked with citrus aromas and flavors.

  • The Seasonal Friend: The seasonal friend might only come out to hang at certain times. You might see them every day during summer, but when it comes to winter, they are snuggled up in their house. This is the independent friend that relies on no one but themselves. Although they might only agree to do something every once in a while, you know that when they do, you will have the time of your life. Just like this friend, our Porch Swing is heavily purchased during those hot summer days when you crave a refreshingly cooled beverage. Porch Swing is a wonderful white wine blend, with a hint of sweetness and flavors of apple and peach. Make even the coldest of seasons bright by wrapping up this bottle of wine.

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