New Year’s Resolutions for Wine Lovers

The new year is almost here and with that comes the stressful decision of making New Year’s resolutions. To ease the stress we wanted to create a list of resolutions for all those wine lovers out there! What is a better resolution than to drink more wine?!

Resolution 1. Swing by 3 P’s in a Vine for a wine tasting!

Of course, this has to be Number One on the resolution list. Even if you have already tried all of our wines, you might want to taste them again. Every bottle of wine and every vintage is different. We offer 5 tastings for $10, plus you get to keep the glass. Want to try all 8 of our wines? No problem! Additional tastings are only $1 each!

Resolution 2. Read Cork Dork by Bianca Bosker

This book is for any wine lover. Whether you are a professional wine drinker or just starting out, this book will not disappoint! “Cork Dork: A Wine-Fueled Adventure Among the Obsessive Sommeliers, Big Bottle Hunters, and Rogue Scientists Who Taught Me to Live for Taste”
Here is a link to purchase the book:

Resolution 3. Visit all 4 of the Athens Wineries!

If you haven’t already, you need to visit all of the local wineries around Athens! We are all very close and good business for them is good business for us! Every winery is different, so it is always fun to try all of them. Here is a list of them:

1. 3 P’s in a Vine
2. Castle Oaks
3. Tara
4. White Fox

Resolution 4. Try all of the wineries in the East Texas area!


If you would like to expand your pallet on East Texas wine, your resolution should be to visit all of the East Texas wineries. We have more than 15 wineries in East Texas and our surrounding area. Each winery has their own personality and wines! How do you know what your favorite East Texas wine is if you haven’t tried all of them?! Here is a list of East Texas wineries with their website link:

Resolution 6. Treat yourself to some Red Wine Hot Chocolate.

While the cold weather is still upon us, be sure to try this recipe for a Red Wine Hot chocolate. It not only satisfies your chocolate cravings but also your wine needs. Here is a recipe we would suggest:

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Resolution 7. Sign up for our BYOM (Bring Your Own Meat) early!

BYOM is our most popular event! We have one every month. You bring your own meat to grill on our grills, you cook it yourself, and we do the rest! We provide baked potato, salad, and all the fixings for the salad and potatoes. Dinnerware, seasonings, and grills are here for you to use. Be looking at our Facebook and Newsletter for information regarding upcoming dates on BYOM! Our first one of the year will be Saturday, January 20 and our second one is on Saturday, February 10. Make sure you sign up soon, the spots fill up fast!

Resolution 8. Attend a wine festival!

Image 20171229 083206

There are so many wine festivals that occur in Texas. You might find that there is one every year right down the street and you had no idea! Attending wine festivals can introduce your pallet to new wines and increase your knowledge regarding wine. If you are looking for the perfect girls trip this year, you might want to plan on one of these 10 Texas wine festivals:

1. Austin Wine and Music Festival in Austin, TX (Summer) 
2. Harvest Festival in Bryan, Texas (Summer) 
3. Wine Cruise Night Event in Dallas, TX (Fall) 
4. WineTastic Holiday Champagne and Sparkling Wine Tasting in Dallas, TX (Winter) 
5. Fredericksburg Food & Wine Fest in Fredericksburg, TX (Fall) 
6. Wild About Wine in Galveston, TX (Spring) 
7. GrapeFest in Grapevine, TX (Summer) 
8. Brenner’s On The Bayou Wine Fest in Houston, TX (Spring) 
9. San Antonio Wine Festival in San Antonio, TX (Winter) 
10. Rootstock: A Texas Wine Festival in Waco, TX (Spring) 

Resolution 9. Start a wine journal.

A wine journal is perfect way to remember what you thought about when first trying a wine. If you can’t remember what you thought about a wine that you tried, you can find it in your wine journal and look at your notes. We recommend this wine journal.

Resolution 10. Try a wine you have never tried before.

Have you ever walked down the wine aisle and read all these wines that you have no idea what they are and probably wouldn’t even be able to pronounce? Next time you are buying wine, just pick up one of those bottles to try. You never know, you might be surprised. Even if you think you might not like the wine, you need to try it. Your pallet might have changed and could be open to new tasting options.



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