Valentine’s Chocolate Wine Pairing

Once again Valentine’s Day is here to pluck at everyone’s heartstrings. The air is filled with flowers and, of course, the heart-shaped chocolate boxes. Luckily, we are here to help you spice up your Valentine’s Day by giving you some advice on what wine to pair with all those chocolates that can be found in the heart-shaped box. We might not be able to tell you what kind of chocolate you are about to bite into, but we can give you the perfect wine to drink while eating it!

Dark Chocolate


Dark chocolate is known for the bitterness received when consuming it. You want a wine that will help balance that bitter flavor. A bolder wine with more tannins and fruity flavors pairs well with this type of chocolate. The cocoa butter can reduce the tannins within the bolder wine, which pulls out the roasted and earthy flavors in the wine and chocolate.

Our suggestion: Tempranillo Reserve  

Flavors: berries and earthy tones

Price: $44.95


White Chocolate


White chocolate can be versatile when paired with wine. White chocolate is very rich in flavors of cream, milk, and honey. The flavors bring out more of a buttery taste, which pairs nicely with a buttery wine. A full-bodied white wine would be a good pairing with this chocolate and will complement the flavors.

Our Suggestion: Chardonnay

Flavors: citrus

Price: $21.95


Chocolate with Caramel


Caramel has a rich buttery flavor with hints of vanilla. When combined with chocolate, the bold flavors are intensified and leaves your taste buds with a salty-sweet perfection that is mouthwatering to look at. There is no denying that this type of chocolate pairs well with a dessert or semi-sweet wine. A light bodied wine would be the perfect combination with this salty-sweet indulgence.

Our Suggestion: Sweet P

Flavors: apple and peach

Price: $16.95


Chocolate with Nuts


Earthy flavors pair well with earthy wines. A full-bodied red wine can bring out the nutty flavors found in this chocolate. The salty flavors of the nut will taste great when paired next to a dry cabernet, while the sweetness of the chocolate makes this pairing the perfect salty-sweet combination.

Our suggestion: Cabernet Franc

Flavors: bing cherry, cranberry, mixed spices of nutmeg, caramel, and sweet vanilla

Price: $26.95


Chocolate & Vanilla Cream

Vanilla Cream

Sweetness complements vanilla flavors. Since this is a lighter chocolate, it goes well with a lighter wine. Pairing a wine that is moderately sweet will tone down the intense sweetness of the chocolate and bring out more of the vanilla flavor and creamy mouthfeel.

Our Suggestions: Porch Swing

Flavors: apple and honey

Price: $18.95


Chocolate and Peanut Butter


Nutty chocolate tends to go well with a wine that has nutty flavors. Peanut butter and chocolate is creamy, which calls for a sweet red. A sweet red will bring out the nutty characteristics of the peanut butter. The sugary sweet flavor of the wine will bring out the salty undertones within the peanut butter as well.

Our suggestion: Queen P

Flavors: lush berries

Price:  $16.95


Chocolate and Coconut


Chocolate that has coconut in it can be paired with a sweet or drier wine. A bolder white wine is the best option in this case because it can withstand the underlying flavors. You want to pair this chocolate with a wine that handles and tone down the sweet and potent flavors.

Our Suggestion: Blanc De Bois

Flavors: crisp floral

Price: $23.95


Chocolate and Fruit


Just like earthy flavors, fruity chocolate matches well with wines that have fruit-forward tones. The sweet chocolate flavor will bring down the tannins in the wine and help you toast the fruity tones found in the chocolate and wine. The pairing literally does bring out the best in the other.

Our suggestion: Tempranillo

Flavors: berries and oak

Price: $24.95

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