Bring Your Own Meat (BYOM) Recipes To Try​

Our monthly Bring Your Own Meat (BYOM) is coming up next weekend on Saturday, March 10th. We wanted to give you all some grilling recipes that you might want to try at the next BYOM. Below you will find a section on beef, chicken, pork, fish, and vegetables. Each one contains some information on pairing wine with these types of dishes. We have also included a few links per section to some amazing recipes and the pairing of wine we suggest with it. Yes, they are all 3 P’s in a Vine suggestions! If you haven’t already, go ahead and make your reservations for BYOM, we can book up pretty fast!


Cow Option 2






If you are a big steak and wine person, you probably know to go with a bolder full-bodied red wine. This is due to the balance that is set between the fat in the meat and tannins in the red wine. With beef, think of well seasoned and peppery. Wines like Tempranillo, heighten the peppery flavors found within grilled beef.

For a red meat that is rich and savory, pair a medium red wine with it, like a Cabernet Sauvignon. Wines that have a bit of a bite on the finish can also balance the fullness of the beef. When in doubt, just remember that flavor-forward wines balance the full flavor of the beef.

Here are a few beef recipes with a suggested wine pairing to try next BYOM:






Light meat, like chicken and turkey, pair well with a chardonnay that is unoaked or lightly oaked. When grilling chicken, match the wine to complement the sauce or seasoning rub that is used. Heavily seasoned chicken goes with herbal wines, like a sauvignon blanc. A rich and buttery chardonnay also goes well with any cream sauces that are used with chicken dinners. Full-bodied white wines can stand up to a rich and creamy sauce. You will want a wine that can perform as a palate cleanser and that will not overpower your dinner.

Here are a couple of wonderful grilling recipes for chicken that you might want to try:





Pig Option 2

When cooking any pork dish, think of a sweet and savory wine to go with it. A red wine that has fruit-forward flavors and/or a hint of sweetness to it pairs nicely with pork. When choosing a wine to go with pork, you can match the wine with many attributes. For a grilled pork that is smoky with a lot of spices, a wine that is more fruity would go well with it because it matches the smoky- spicy flavors. A milder flavored pork might be better served with a lighter wine.

Here are a couple of recipes and wine pairings that we think you need to try at our next BYOM event:






Anytime you are pairing a wine with fish, you should always lean more toward a light wine that has a full body. You most likely want a rich white that allows you to taste the subtler flavors within a fish dish. The flavor of salmon pairs well with a more developed wine. Oaky wines taste well when paired with a smoked or buttered fish. For fish that has a more prominent lemony flavor, try a dry white wine with it. For a more buttered wine, try matching it with a recipe that contains a richer flavored fish. Go with a wine that has an acidic finish. This wine will complement the fishy taste.

Here are a few delicious recipes you should try with our recommendation of wine to pair with it:


–        Salmon Burgers with Avocado Salsa

    • Porch Swing


–        Grilled Mahi Mahi with Cilantro Gremolata

    • Chardonnay




With a no meat meal, you will want to think of the wine as an extra ingredient of the meal you are cooking.  You do not want to pair a wine that will overpower your meal. If you prefer to have a white wine, stick to one that has a light body to it. This type of white wine pairs well with pasta, vegetable, and salads. If you prefer to have a red wine, pick one that has a medium body style. This will prevent the wine from outshining your meal but still gives you a flavor boost. For grilled meats, you might want to consider a Chardonnay.

If you are wanting a meatless meal, try one of these delicious and filling recipes with our wine pairing suggestion:






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