Why Wine is Happiness

Happy International Happiness Day! In honor of this holiday, we wanted to explain why wine and our business make us happy! If you have not gotten the pleasure to talk to us about the winery, here is a little insight into how happy 3 P’s in a Vine Winery and Vineyard makes us!

There are a lot of things to be happy about in the world, but in this family, wine might just be at the top of that list (under family and friends, of course). Wine means so much more than an alcoholic beverage to us. Our business is based on the quality of our wine. The winery has introduced us to some amazing people and gives us an excuse to see them!

Wine symbolizes friends and family. Trust us, you don’t want to be that person that drinks wine alone and ends up consuming the whole bottle yourself. Wine is supposed to be shared, it is supposed to bring people together. That is why the bottles hold more than one glass. It is a social drink that’s purpose is to be enjoyed by others. It can spark the best of times and the greatest of memories.

We don’t like wine just because we have to, we like the flavors, the aromas, the good times and conversations it brings. It is amazing how different the varieties of wine are and how each bottle has its own personality. The wine has been consumed for many years and it is nice to think that we are still enjoying something that every generation has grown to love! It is not really about how happy wine makes us, but how wine brings us all together. 

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